What Does Your Car Color Say About You?

What does your car color say about you? Driving a certain color vehicle can say a lot about someone’s personality…and who would know what kind of personalities commonly buy certain colors, better than our very own VW Sales Consultants?

Black – Sophisticated, Powerful, Masculine, Younger, Stylish, Aggressive, Business-minded, Caring, Outgoing, Mysterious
blackWhite – Intelligent, Particular, Realistic, Sophisticated, Refined, Cool, Safe, Educated, Detail-Oriented, Simple, Tasteful
whiteRed – Flashy, Adventurous, Fast, Bold, Trouble Maker, Edgy, Sexy, Sporty, Racy
redBlue – Conservative, Sensitive, Beautiful, Reliable, Calm, Relaxed, Reserved, Feminine, Sophisticated, Sporty, Mellow, Laid-back, Content, Happy
blueGreen – Daredevil, Adventurous, Unique, Younger, Intelligent, Sassy, Different, Funny
greenYellow – Sporty, Spiritual, Adventurous, Flashy, Fun, Enthusiastic, Attractive, Striking, Outstanding, Romantic
yellowPurple – Awesome, Flashy, Oddball, Exquisite, Weird, Kind, Rebellious, Leader
purpleBrown – Timid, Introverted, Wealthy, Stylish, Reserved, Independent, Analytical, Smart, Conservative, Peaceful
brownSilver/Gray – Neutral, Adventurous, Outgoing, Undecided, Simple, Young, Nonchalant, Adaptable, Independent, Easy-going, Family-Oriented
silverPink – Girly, Happy, Flashy, Bubbly, Sassy, Challenger, Poker-Face, Feminine

Meet Tyler: The Intern

tylerpicIs that a new employee? Is he in training? No, he’s just the intern. Meet Tyler; a recent college graduate who gained the opportunity to learn, shadow and help out a couple departments for Audi and VW of Naples. You can learn a lot from interning for one department, but getting to shadow multiple departments? That’s a whole different story. It’s more than just running out to get coffee or stapling pieces of paper together. Great internships provide a valuable experience and allow interns to gain insight into the field they are interested in. It’s a lot of hard work, quick learning, listening and jumping in. The best way to make the most out of it is just to try! Even if you aren’t always successful the first time, the drive to succeed is usually admired and appreciated. Tyler has been shadowing different departments from Parts, Sales, Service to the Internet team and has learned what it takes to run a dealership.


Q: What made you want to intern for Audi and VW of Naples?
A: I wanted to intern for Audi and VW because I have always had a passion about cars. These cars are a different style then my favorite, which are muscle cars, but since I was given this opportunity I could not pass it up. I have never been around the business but cars will always be around so I wanted to see it first hand and hopefully become part of the business.

Q: What departments did you shadow?
A: I shadowed Parts, Sales, Service, and Internet.

Q: What was your favorite department and why?
A: My favorite department was parts because of the team of guys back there. I have always played team sports and the group back there seems to flow seamlessly as one. When I was back there work didn’t seem like work and I enjoy that feeling. Everyone in parts helped me become comfortable on the job while giving me the most training as well.

Q: What did you learn from these experiences?
A: From my experiences I learned how all the pieces of the dealership rely on each other to satisfy the customer from start to finish and when they return for other services we provide. Along with the countless things I learned in the past five weeks I also saw the negative side of some things but this only helps me become a stronger employee. These reflections will help me succeed in the future when difficult situations arise again and I’ll have the knowledge to handle them efficiently and swiftly.

Q: What was surprisingly challenging and why?
A: A surprising challenge I encountered here was with the internet team. Some might think that this department sits on the computer all day when in fact we were outside most of the day staying busy. We took photos of all new cars/certified pre-owns, prepared cars on the lot with stickers for sales, and even spent time each day looking for articles to update the social media for Audi, Volkswagen, Acura, and Naples Speed.

Q: If you could improve on any part of this internship what would it be?
A: The only thing I would improve about this internship would be the configuration. If we wanted someone to see the entire dealership the order of departments they see it is very important and could be adjusted. Also the timetable I spent in each department could have been changed a little to spend more time in some departments and less in others.

Q: All in all, how did you feel about your overall experience?
A: My overall experience was very enjoyable and exactly what I hoped. I learned an exponential amount of information about each department and how this business works. It is very unique with the amount of services we provide and how many hats each employee wears to achieve the overall goal: assisting our customers and providing services no one can rival. I would like to thank Mr. Brian Massoll and Skip Roth for setting this up and giving me a chance to view Audi/VW in a special fashion; and everyone else here that helped me during the past few weeks.

Q: What was the complete duration of your internship?
A: Five week internship.

Q: Now for the typical question…did you have to do any coffee runs?
A: I did not have to do any coffee runs, but I did get to pick up Moes for the parts department in an A7 one day.