How much do you know about TDIs?


First, the basics; what does TDI stand for?

Diesel has become cleaner than ever before while also becoming a more Eco-concious choice.

When was TDI first introduced?

Diesels have a come a long way since their first introduction. Can you distinguish myth from fact? Which of the following are true?

We have many amazing vehicles but our Passat TDI gets up to 43 hwy mpg, you can travel up to ____ miles on ___ tank of fuel.
(Keep in mind: EPA estimates. Range based on 43 hwy mpg EPA estimate and a 18.5-gallon fuel tank. Your mileage will vary and depends on several factors, including your driving habits and vehicle conditions)

TDI comes in the following models:

When Volkswagen goes "green" they go "blue". What does that mean?

When was "clean diesel" introduced? In response to increasingly stringent emissions standards?

TDI Clean Diesel technology has lower C02 emissions compared to ___% of other vehicles, and it boasts ___% better fuel economy than comparable engines.

(Keep in mind: your emissions will vary and depend on several factors, including your driving habits and vehicle condition)

Diesel is the way of the future
(Freebie question)

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daveOur dealership has grown immensely and so have our abilities to make the customer service experience smoother. Not only has our parts facility quadrupled in size but we have also gained new employees, obtained dedicated Audi and Volkswagen shop counters, doubled in inventory and expanded our online business. With more support and dedicated areas, this makes addressing any questions, requests or concerns you may have easier.

Since we have more space to hold larger parts it’s possible to complete repairs in a day! Want to repair your bumper? We can now repair your beloved vehicle in our collision shop quicker than before. We have also made efficient use of our space with high density drawers, dedicated areas for retail accessories, a second floor and new offices.

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