Nominated for U.S Dealer Rater Dealer of the Year: Volkswagen of Naples

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 3.33.19 PMIt takes hard work, good communication and the desire to be more efficient for a business to truly succeed. Here at Volkswagen of Naples, we understand the importance of a great car-buying experience from researching, seeking out the ideal vehicle to you driving your dream vehicle home! It should be an exciting process and not a stressful one. We try to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. We love hearing back from our customers and learning how we can make your Volkswagen journey a great one! It is because of those reviews and comments that our customers leave us, we are where we are today. It is an honor to be a front-runner on a national level for Dealer Rater Dealer of the Year. We truly strive to help you find the perfect vehicle to fit you and your lifestyle. So thank you for becoming apart of the Volkswagen family and for enjoying the experience!

If you are looking for a vehicle in the near future you can decide if you want to pursue business with us after reading our reviews located here. Or if you have already made a purchase feel free to leave a review at or just click this link! =)

2014 Recap: News, Events and Game Changers

January – The VW Beetle GSR became available at our dealership! Click here to read all about the amazing features of this special little bug.
DPP_0121February – The much awaited and requested Lighting Connector cable became available for purchase. Get all your accessories, parts and retail needs here or here.
1781050_676333805741609_1312115120_oMarch – Volkswagen confirms new diesel for 2015 models with slightly more power and better fuel economy. Those 2015 models include the Golf, Jetta, Passat and the Beetle. You think you know the benefits of owning a TDI? Click here to find out!

IMG_7953April – As we neared the end of our massive renovation we got new spaceships carwash stations! And our new service drives opened!
1520721_701024869939169_5429373284211534254_nIMG_6466May – Our Massive renovation came to an end and our show rooms, service areas and lounges look stunning! This month was also our first month that we received the much anticipated 2015 GTI.

The main service and sales lounge was the first area completed for public use.  We expect the other portions of the building to be fully operational at the end of May 2014.

June – Did you see the Volkswagen commercials during the World Cup? I bet you did…every time someone scored! The colors of the Golf Celebration videos always match the country that scored a goal and instead of the usual “gooooooooal” the celebratory cry turned into “goooooooolf.” This unique campaign offered something unseen before, it’s interactive, unpredictable and customized. You can read more about it here. This month we also sponsored an O.A.R concert that took place at the Mercato!

b6e79853cd4ec97be31fef5d2a48a047xJuly – Out of the entire country, and all of the Volkswagen dealerships throughout, OUR Service Department ranked in the top 10 for it’s outstanding customer service (all based on customer reviews!)
10633691_781864511855204_5976012871307855529_oAugust – This month was by far our trendiest. You remember the ALS Challenge? Skip Roth, our Operations Director, was the first to do it…then he challenged two of our biggest departments to take part! Audi Naples and Volkswagen of Naples Sales brought their A-Game, and their checkbooks. You can watch the video here. Also this month, Volkswagen teamed up with the Discovery Channel for it’s third year as a presenting sponsor for Shark Week!

10515239_743853782342886_7838390772417797098_ovolkswagen-shark-weekSeptember – Rita’s stopped by and we got spoiled by delicious treats! Another thing that happened this month…Chuck’s Salmon colored shirt “broke the internet”…there was an intense debate about whether it was peach or salmon.
dfgdfg10713996_779605892081066_4040776134954222441_oOctober – This was our first month introducing Long-Term Reviews! Feel free to submit your stories about your experience with your vehicle here. Another important thing to note about this month is that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month…in honor of that our staff wore pink!
Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 3.21.05 PMNovember – One of our stunning models was awarded with the title “Motor Trend Car of the Year” and we are very proud of this fact! The new 2015 Golfs are innovative in numerous categories and we are honored that it has been recognized as so! Speaking of being recognized, Volkswagen of Naples is currently a U.S National front runner for Dealer Rater Dealer of the Year. That’s pretty amazing! Click here to see the ENTIRE list. =)

B2U3CWxCIAAjpU7Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 3.33.19 PMDecember – Our Come N Getta ’15 Jetta winner was announced! Congratulations to our “Come N Getta ’15 Jetta” winner Yvonne Henry! We are so pleased to see such happiness! This last month ends on a great note with smiles, happy new owners and elf shenanigans. Looking forward to what next year brings!

New Year’s Car Resolutions (2015)

loveDuring the holiday excitement we make sure we have everything we need; the right gifts, travel plans and delicious meal recipes in mind. After everything is said and done, we look forward to another year and contemplate what our New Year’s Resolutions will be. While being healthier, happier and spending wiser may top the list, we always forget one of the most important things we should take care of as well! Our vehicles need their own New Year Resolutions! In case you’re at a loss of where to even start here are a few examples:

1.) A clean car = a clean mind. I aim to clean my interior and exterior at least four times a month.

2.) I want my car to last this coming year without any major issues. I aim to follow the suggested scheduled maintenance and check ups.

3.) Even though the timing may not be perfect I aim to listen to my car when it makes a funny noise, drives differently or gives me warnings.

4.) Nobody wants to deal with an accident no matter how minor or severe. I aim to drive safer and focus on the road when driving.

5.) Tires, wheels and fluids are just as important as oil changes. I aim to check on those routinely as well.

6.) Driving faster or more aggressively wastes more fuel and can cost you more money by constantly refueling. I aim to give myself a little more time to drive slower to save money and to become a fuel-efficient driver.

7.) Going to the right places for repairs (like Certified VW Technicians) can make a difference in the quality of maintenance performed on your car. I aim to choose only the best service for my vehicle (Volkswagen of Naples!)

8.) Life gets busy and sometimes we forget exactly when our last repair was. Staying organized and keeping detailed records of services performed can help us in the future. Especially if you want to eventually sell your vehicle! I aim to get better records of any and all of performed vehicle maintenance.

9.) I will not let my vehicle become my second room. Keeping items in my trunk and back seat can weigh down my car and waste more fuel. I aim to keep the items in my trunk to a minimum.

10.) Bad parking is the worst. Who wants to be “that guy”? I aim to park better, and in doing so, lessen the chances of someone hitting my car.

These are just some of our New Year Car Resolutions. What would you add?