Making The Most Out of Your Roof Rack

11000362_402962556538007_7072275043095153728_oWe may not get snow here in southwest Florida but our beautiful beaches and calm waters make it a perfect paradise for stand up paddleboarding (SUP). Stand up paddleboarding requires minimal gear, offers a full-body workout and a unique experience on the water. It’s become a popular trend here in Naples, FL and seeing all kinds of vehicles with roof racks is not unusual. So, you’ve decided that you want to try something new but aren’t sure how you even go about transporting a paddleboard. Well, we have you covered! You can easily order a base roof rack for your Volkswagen vehicle and installation isn’t difficult. After rigging your roof rack going to and from the beach with your board becomes a breeze!

Here are some brief instructions on how to install your Volkswagen Base Roof Rack. Each model has one fitted for it’s own needs.

Equipment included:
Front base carrier bar
Rear base carrier bar
End caps
2 keys
2 rubber gaskets (placed when roof rack is not in use)

Tools Needed:
Small Flathead screw driver (to remove plugs)
Additional assistance to help safely secure roof rack evenly

Good to know:
The bottom side of the bars depict correct orientation

1). Remove all the end caps
2). Open front doors and remove the plugs located at the top of the door frame
3.) Loosen screws enough to give yourself room to adjust the bar
4.) Set bar in place, line it up with the notches located in the door frame and secure it into place
5.) Do the same for the second bar
6.) Make sure both ends are tightened equally
7.) When you hear a click that’s as tight as it needs to be
8.) Place covers back into place (the caps are specific to each side; orientation can be found depicted on each)
9.) Use your key to lock both bars into place
10.) Get ready to use your roof rack!

You can see how great the roof rack and paddleboard combo look in our showroom (pictured above). Thanks to Brookside Paddlesports for supplying the board!

One of our very own Certified Sales Consultant is an enthusiast and loves to paddle board in his free time!
IMG_6280Have any questions or concerns?

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Why Choose Us – Naples Location

6There are many dealerships spread across the nation, but what makes the location matter? What difference does it make buying from one city over another? Well, there are many reasons why and here are a few that pertain to our location.

The Dealership Itself
The customer service found at a smaller dealership like ours is more personable and catered to the customer’s best interest. We have an established staff, some that have been with us for years, who bring an exceptional level of customer experience to the table. Our Volkswagen Certified Sales Consultants are professional, knowledgeable and ready to help you find your perfect vehicle!

How The City Treats Vehicles
If you are looking for a pre-owned car, Naples is one of the best cities to look for one. Why? Due to our weather, roads and city, most cars located here are well maintained. A vehicle that has only been in Southwest Florida will never see snow damage, hail damage (very rarely does hail occur in Naples) and will generally have less wear and tear. There aren’t mountains, hills or major city traffic here. Driving in busier cities full of more cars, people and stop-and-go traffic, can create an environment for more accidents and or put added stress on a vehicle. Our beautiful weather also tends to draw a lot of seasonal customers, which means for half of the year some of those vehicles are not in use! We receive a lot of trade-ins with extraordinarily low mileage and in great condition.

Did you know that parallel parking is not apart of the Florida drivers license test? That’s because parallel parking isn’t as commonly found here compared to other cities. Which means, cars are usually parked in garages, parking lots and away from busy traffic.

Get a Vehicle and a Mini-Vacation!
When you visit Naples to purchase/lease/trade-in a vehicle you can make a day out of it! Naples has tons of great restaurants, beautiful areas, the beach, a pier and great shopping. You can make the whole day an experience and truly get a feel for this exquisite city while driving your new vehicle!

Feel free to come in or call and find your ideal vehicle today!

Recap: Eurotripper 3

52Lowered, modified, unique, bold and personalized vehicles; this is how spectators were greeted upon stepping foot on the grounds that held Eurotripper 3. An event that has gained popularity increasingly since it’s debut in 2013. Not only does Eurotripper create an environment for Euro car fans to meet, socialize and admire Euro vehicles of all kinds, but it’s also held for a good cause! Walking through the lanes of vehicles you saw photographers, spectators and dogs; lots of dogs.
57Brookes Legacy had their pets for adoptions on site and any food, pet toys or cash donations were accepted. Brookes Legacy is Naples based network of volunteers that works to save animals about to be euthanized and find them homes! Saving animals, having a good time, admiring other people’s vehicles and meeting like-minded individuals is what Eurotripper is all about. Which is why we were thrilled to be apart of it and display a couple of our vehicles!

Naples Speed, our performance division, brought their modified 2015 GTI and a 2015 Audi S5, both sporting Vossen wheels. Our time spent at the car show was made even better because Naples Speed shared the stage with Vossen Wheels (pictured below).
efsdfHere are a couple of my favorite Volkswagen’s from the car show:
21 23 41 50After the event came to a close, we hit the streets to shoot a couple of videos and photos. Here’s two of my favorites from our rooftop sessions (featuring Vossen’s BMWs!) If you want to see the complete album feel free to browse our album click here.
96 94The weather was perfect, the cars were stunning, everyone was happy and the event was a success for us! What are you waiting for? Come in or call us and find your perfect vehicle! Maybe to take to next year’s Eurotripper? Here at Volkswagen of Naples not only do we deliver the car, but we also deliver the experience.