#HelpingHolidays at The Shelter


VW of Naples has been collecting food and donations since November to benefit The Shelter for Abused Women and Children, right here in Naples, Florida. We feel that it is important to give back to the community that we call home. Over the course of the past month and a half we were able to fill our classic Volkswagen Double Cab Bus with canned and other non-perishable food and also raise $2,000!


We would like to thank everyone who donated and helped to bring awareness to our #HelpingHolidays food drive this year. Thank you all for helping to make the holidays a little brighter for those facing darker times in their lives, and thank you to The Shelter for allowing us to be a part of this and for everything that you do!




Complete Reconditioning at VW of Naples

Did you know that Volkswagen of Naples does full reconditioning? Our service and detail department can take on even the toughest of jobs, as showcased by this VW Passat Wagon:



When it came to us, it looked like it had been beaten up and left to rot somewhere. The headlights were so hazy they almost matched the paint color. The paint was faded and dull. There were dings, dents and mold everywhere! All of the wheels had curb rash, the interior was a mess, it had a funny smell to it. The list goes on and on..

After a little bit of time, some elbow grease, and a lot of experience and knowledge, we had it looking (and smelling!) like a whole different car!




We could rave on and on about the great work that our team did on this car, but in cases like this, it’s better that the pictures should do the talking. See for yourself, and if you have a car that needs a little love (VW or other), please reach out to us! We would be happy to get your vehicle looking like new again.

To schedule your consultation with the Volkswagen of Naples/Audi Naples reconditioning team, please call 866-219-2826



Driven by Devin: 2015 Passat Limited Edition

The Volkswagen Passat, regardless of trim level, is a pleasant drive. It gets good gas mileage, handles well, drives smooth, is pretty spacious, and is Volkswagen’s family sedan. It features a 1.8L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that gets up and goes when needed. I drive one of these quaint sedans almost everyday between dealerships, and I must say they make for a quite comfortable daily driver. The current 2015 Passat is offered in several different trim levels; the S, SE, SE with sunroof and navigation, SEL Premium, and a new Limited Edition.


A limited run, Volkswagen’s 2015 Limited Edition Passat replaces the Wolfsburg and offers a send-off to the current Passat model. A middle ground between the base Passat S and Passat SE, the Limited Edition is designated by a “Limited” badge and offers key upgrades from the S.


Passat Limited Edition

Perhaps the biggest improvements are the rearview camera (which is uber helpful), the leatherette interior, power driver seat, and heated front seats.

The leatherette interior is a nice luxurious touch to the Limited Edition. A power driver seat is always a plus, as in some cars, I eagerly reach for those controls only to be disappointed by what is a manual seat (although I have owned my share of manually adjustable seat vehicles). And of course, these seats are heated too. Yes, we may live in Florida, but I personally freeze in the 40-degree weather. Since I haven’t lived anywhere but the Sunshine State, I am totally all-in for the warmers.

A rearview camera makes backing up so much easier. I have never personally owned a car with a rearview camera, and although I am a self-proclaimed expert “backer-upper” (yes I made that up, & I always back my car in wherever possible), the aid of a camera would be happily embraced. You cannot completely rely on the camera (please don’t Big Box store shoppers), but it helps for those tight spots, blind spots, and any other problem spots you encounter in reverse.


The Passat LE also features an updated 8-speaker Premium VIII radio with a CD changer, SiriusXM(c) Satellite radio, Kessy(c) keyless entry, 17″ alloy wheels, a push button start, bright chrome exterior trim, and front fog lights.


Surprisingly, the added features of the Limited Edition don’t actually cost you that much extra over the Passat S (which are getting hard to find). If I were in the market for a practical sedan, I would definitely consider the Limited Edition, mostly for that rearview camera.

Check out the shots below or come check it out in person! We have plenty Limited Edition Passats in several different color combinations to suite your tastes.

Interested in owning your very own 2015 VW Passat Limited Edition? Check out our inventory on www.vwofnaples.com or call us at 866-364-0242!

Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Car Seat Check


When it comes to safety, the Volkswagen Golf has an exceptional reputation. The changes made to the current Golf line has been met with positive raves and reviews. The 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen has a spacious interior, built with high-quality materials and most importantly, an excellent safety rating. The subtle changes has made the Golf Sportwagen more versatile and convenient. Have younger kids that require a car seat? This vehicle makes it easy for you!

“The Golf SportWagen has two sets of lower Latch anchors in the outboard seats. They sit under removable plastic covers and are easy to use. Three tether anchors are found midway down the rear seatbacks. They’re clearly labeled and also easy to use.

  • For our rear-facing infant and convertible seats, we were able to install them behind the front passenger seat without moving it forward. The installation was a snap with both car seats, which have rigid Latch connectors (convertible seat) and hooklike connectors (infant seat).
  • The forward-facing convertible also installed easily and fit well in the wagon’s backseat.
  • The booster fit well in the SportWagen’s contoured rear seats.”

Want to know more about the process of installing a car seat in the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen? Click here to see cars.com review and video!

Our Two Newest Additions to the VW of Naples Family


There’s something special about the vehicles that get picked to be in any dealership’s showroom. Our two newest additions to the Volkswagen of Naples family are no exceptions. In the short time they have been here, they’ve already drawn so much attention! A 1966 Type 3 Notchback and a 1959 Karmann Kabriolett are parked pretty in front of our welcome sign, greeting every customer as they walk in. You can drool but you can’t touch! We love keeping these guys in as great condition as possible.



Curious about the history of this iconic little bug? Check out it’s previous owner’s work by clicking here. And for a full album of photos click here.

Why Choose Us – Naples Location

6There are many dealerships spread across the nation, but what makes the location matter? What difference does it make buying from one city over another? Well, there are many reasons why and here are a few that pertain to our location.

The Dealership Itself
The customer service found at a smaller dealership like ours is more personable and catered to the customer’s best interest. We have an established staff, some that have been with us for years, who bring an exceptional level of customer experience to the table. Our Volkswagen Certified Sales Consultants are professional, knowledgeable and ready to help you find your perfect vehicle!

How The City Treats Vehicles
If you are looking for a pre-owned car, Naples is one of the best cities to look for one. Why? Due to our weather, roads and city, most cars located here are well maintained. A vehicle that has only been in Southwest Florida will never see snow damage, hail damage (very rarely does hail occur in Naples) and will generally have less wear and tear. There aren’t mountains, hills or major city traffic here. Driving in busier cities full of more cars, people and stop-and-go traffic, can create an environment for more accidents and or put added stress on a vehicle. Our beautiful weather also tends to draw a lot of seasonal customers, which means for half of the year some of those vehicles are not in use! We receive a lot of trade-ins with extraordinarily low mileage and in great condition.

Did you know that parallel parking is not apart of the Florida drivers license test? That’s because parallel parking isn’t as commonly found here compared to other cities. Which means, cars are usually parked in garages, parking lots and away from busy traffic.

Get a Vehicle and a Mini-Vacation!
When you visit Naples to purchase/lease/trade-in a vehicle you can make a day out of it! Naples has tons of great restaurants, beautiful areas, the beach, a pier and great shopping. You can make the whole day an experience and truly get a feel for this exquisite city while driving your new vehicle!

Feel free to come in or call and find your ideal vehicle today!

Lease VS Buy

When it’s time for your next vehicle, you’ll find yourself facing more decisions than simply “what make/model do I want?” The majority of us will end up financing rather than paying cash, but that raises a very important question; should you lease or buy?

The answer is not the same for everyone, so Volkswagen of Naples has created this nifty infographic exploring a few basic questions you should be asking yourself before making this decision. That’s not all there is to it, though, so let’s get a little more in-depth with the advantages and disadvantages
VW Lease VS Buy-2Leasing

When you lease a vehicle, you will end up with a lower monthly payment with less money due at signing than you would if you took out a loan to purchase the same vehicle. This is because you are essentially renting the vehicle for 2-4 years, so you are only paying for the portion of the vehicle that you plan to use. This is great especially when you are considering something brand new as it allows you to get a vehicle that would otherwise be out of your price range.

The lease agreement does have a disadvantage for some people depending on their driving habits. In your lease, you agree to driving up to a certain amount of miles per year (usually up to 15k/year). If you go over these miles at the end of the lease, it can cost you. If you tend to drive a lot, you should consider buying. Another thing that can be held against you in a lease is excessive wear and tear, however, Volkswagen offers several insurance packages for a small fee to protect you from any unpleasant financial surprises at the end of your lease.

Keeping with financial implications, leasing is great for people who can claim their vehicle as a business expense. When tax season rolls around, remember that leases are deductible! You can’t write off the purchase of a vehicle, but you can with a lease.

Leased vehicles belong to the bank. At the end of your lease term, you do not own the vehicle as you would with a loan when purchasing a vehicle. You then have the option toturn in the vehicle and walk away,
purchase your leased vehicle and make it yours, or lease a brand new one! If you like to have the latest and greatest technology and a brand new vehicle, this is perfect for you! Leases generally last 2-4 years and you can get a brand new vehicle once your term is up. You also do not have to deal with the hassle of selling or trading in your vehicle when you are ready for a new one. Depreciation is not your problem!

Leases can rid you of negative equity. Do often find yourself owing more than what your vehicle is worth with every purchase? It can sometimes seem like you’ll never get out from under it – but fear not! If you have great credit and are willing to make higher payments for a few years, you can rid yourself of this negative equity by rolling it into a lease. Your payments will be high for the next few years, but once your lease term is up, you can turn it in and you will not have any negative equity to speak of! It was all absorbed by the lease.

There is one downside to this – you cannot simply turn in your lease whenever you please. You are locked into the contract for the term that you signed for, and it can sometimes be very difficult and expensive to get out early. If you need the ability sell your vehicle at a moment’s notice or keep it for a very long period of time, then leasing might not be for you.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room right off the bat: depreciation. Yes, your vehicle depreciates. Its value goes down as soon as you buy it. For this reason, purchasing a lightly used pre owned or a Certified Pre Owned VW can be the most cost effective option – but let’s admit it. There’s nothing quite like that new car smell, and some of us simply cannot resist.

When you purchase a vehicle, unlike leasing, the vehicle is yours to do with as you please. This doesn’t just play on the feeling of ownership; it does have some very important advantages and disadvantages. If you suddenly need to get rid of your vehicle or get something else, buying gives you flexibility to do so. For example, say you purchase a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible and a few months later you find out that you are expecting a little bundle of joy. A small convertible will no longer suit your needs, and you’ll need to opt for something larger like a Passat or a Tiguan SUV. Since you purchased rather than leased your Beetle, you can simply trade it in for something that better suits your needs – and you may even have some positive equity to play with!

The other side of this advantage is that you can keep your vehicle for as long as you want! Some of us tend to get attached and like to keep our vehicles for a long time, and sometimes even pass them down to our children. Buying allows you to do this…. Or not! The choice is yours, and you can decide when you’re ready.

Another advantage is no mileage restrictions! Since the vehicle is yours, it does not matter how much or how little you drive. You can drive cross country whenever you feel like it!

It is important to talk about credit scores too. To lease, you must have excellent credit. If you are concerned about your credit score, or if you already know that it’s on the lower side, then buying will likely be your best bet. Whichever route you take, as long as you keep up with your payments, you can improve your credit score thanks to your new car!

We hope that this was helpful to you! If you have further questions or if you are ready to buy or lease your new Volkswagen, please stop by Volkswagen of Naples or call us at (866) 364-0242.

Massive Renovation Nears Completion

What Do You Look For in a Vehicle?

look for in an audi

What do you look for in a vehicle? Are you looking for a vehicle that has great fuel efficiency, one that will serve its purpose (from point A to point B), one that will fit your lifestyle or are you just going for a certain look? It’s hard to know which direction you want to go in if you come to a dealership not really knowing what you want. Looking for a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make next to buying a house! It can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. Here at Volkswagen of Naples we try to remedy that. In the end we just want you to pick something you really love and will enjoy driving!

It’s okay to come in and just look around. There’s no pressure to decide right away because impulse buys may leave you feeling dissatisfied.  We want you to have as much information as you possibly can before making a decision. We evaluate each vehicle to verify each one meets our expectations and standards. We will also inform you of the history of the vehicle and the benefits of Certified Pre-Owned ones. The more research you do, the more prepared you feel and the process of buying a vehicle will feel less like a major feat.

If you are “just looking” and a little intimidated to come in you can look online at our website. Our inventory is online, along with descriptions and photos of all of our vehicles. We even have an internet sales team that you can chat with or email. This may take the pressure off of you and you can even get exclusive internet deals, solely for being an internet customer!

Test driving a car is also another way to experience the vehicle for yourself; to find out what you like or don’t like. At times, people can be scared to test drive a vehicle. Various reasons may range from the fear of being pressured, thinking that you have wasted someone’s time or the fear of looming commitment ahead. Fear not, we understand you have to try on shoes before you buy them!

Make sure you have picked the right car for you. Do you travel a lot? Do you have a family? Do you like to live life on the edge and need a car that fits your personality? Are you buying your teenager’s first car and understand they are still learning how to drive? These are questions that need to be considered before making your purchase. Once you are sure of what you want, the real fun begins.

Not only do we deliver the car, we deliver the experience. So feel free to stop by and look around!